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2018 Film Comp Entries


Adventure Queensland

Shot & Edited by John Hopper

To live life outdoors, it is only one step away as Queensland is full of adventure, ready to be explored. It can be local (Forest Lake), close by (Glass House Mountains) or distant (Gympie). Regardless, the adventure begins with that one step.

Locations: Glasshouse Mountains, Garapine & Forest Lake
Music: TheFatRat- Fly Away (Copyright/Royalty Free)

Highline Spacenet Townsville

A film by Jarrah Brand-Adams

We set up a spacenet for the first time with three slacklines anchored betwixt canyon walls near Paluma National Park north of Townsville. We assembled a great group of friends and adventure seekers together to make this project come to life. 30 hours or more to craft the net from rope and paracord, about 100kg of gear to lug precariously to site and four hours to set up on the day. Needless to say we all had a great time pushing our limits and having fun together.

Experience the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

By Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Users Association and Element Video & Photo Productions
Promotes recreational outdoor activities on the greatest Queensland rail trail, shortly to be the longest rail trail in Australia.