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Previous Winners

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Visioning the Outdoors Film Comp 2019

Best Film

New Zealand 9 by Anthony Gordon
In a race against time, three adventurers will set a new speed record by completing New Zealand’s nine Great Walks faster than they’ve ever been done before, using human power alone. It’s the ultimate adventure race. They’ll kayak 145 km, ride 80 km and run over 300 km in just nine days.

People’s Choice – Best Film

Immerse Yourself by Greg Cartwright & Lisa Marshal
From the mountains to the sea, Queensland’s magical outdoors calls you to step outside and immerse yourself in nature. Discover. Connect. Reflect.

Visioning the Outdoors Film Comp 2018

Best Film

Adventure Queensland by John Hopper
To live life outdoors, it is only one step away as Queensland is full of adventure, ready to be explored. It can be local (Forest Lake), close by (Glass House Mountains) or distant (Gympie). Regardless, the adventure begins with that one step.

Locations: Glasshouse Mountains, Garapine & Forest Lake
Music: The Fat Rat- Fly Away (Copyright/Royalty Free)

Best Youth Film

Assignment by Jazz Heckeroth
… enjoying the outdoors …
A quick glimpse into enjoying the outdoors in Australia. ‘Assignment’ was created as a school film project designed to advertise Australia, and naturally, my favourite part of Australia is the outdoors. The majority of the film was captured at Girraween National Park on a family holiday in which we did some rock climbing and hiking. Most of the people who appear in the film are family, including my mother, father, and older brother as well as a few ring ins. I’ve always been deeply interested in the outdoors as well as film making and to combine the two has been a fantastic experience and one that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve without the support of my family, friends, and film teacher.
Jazz Heckeroth

People’s Choice – Best Film

Highline Spacenet Townsville by Jarrah Brand-Adams
… betwixt canyon walls …
We set up a spacenet for the first time with three slacklines anchored betwixt canyon walls near Paluma National Park north of Townsville. We assembled a great group of friends and adventure seekers together to make this project come to life. 30 hours or more to craft the net from rope and paracord, about 100kg of gear to lug precariously to site and four hours to set up on the day. Needless to say we all had a great time pushing our limits and having fun together.

Making these films is such a rewarding hobby for me, as it not only brings back memories of good times spent in beautiful places with great people, but it also serves as an easy reminder for when I become more forgetful as I age. Townsville and the surrounding areas are a dream for explorers and adventurous thrill seekers year round. Making these films helps to show a wider audience why we live here, and influence more visitors to experience the lesser known places.

Visioning the Outdoors Film Comp 2017

Best Film

North Shore Camping by Joey Vieira
From Los Angeles and my son’s best school friend invites us on a camping trip…and we can’t wait to do it again! Moved to Queensland from Los Angeles with my family 3 years ago and it’s a camping trip like this one that makes us want to stay forever!

Best Youth Film

Adventures on Thetford Reef by Sophie Kalkowski-Pope
Thrilling trip to the Thetford Reef, 50km East of Cairns, featuring a uncommon sighting of 50+ massive (1m long) bumphead parrotfish! A spectacular up-close encounter on our Great Barrier Reef. Thetford Reef, was looking healthy when filmed in December 2016, but unfortunately was hard hit by recent coral bleaching events.

People’s Choice – Best Film

Huge Rope Swing off a Waterfall by Jarrah Brand-Adams
Well, one must get one’s friends together and jump off a waterfall. We set up a huge rope swing off a 90m waterfall in the Tropical North Queensland hills just north of Townsville and had some adventures and good times.

The idea stemmed from a new years eve camping trip to Blencoe Falls with friends. As soon as the raw power, majesty and beauty of the falls came into view, we all knew something fun and adventurous had to be organised soon. We returned a few weeks later after organising all the gear and knowledge, then went about setting it up. A few test jumps (a bag of rocks) and adjustments later and we were all ready to jump! Steve bravely jumped first, followed by myself. The weather turned a bit too wet for our liking so we packed it up and came back a few weeks later again. With a more streamlined set up and a better jumper retrieval system, we had seven people jump. Marina was the only one who swung through the waterfall, but not because she wanted to, it was her jump angle and freefall that slung her into the raging torrent. We all worked hard, and had fun, stayed safe, and got our adrenaline pumping in one of the most beautiful areas of Queensland. Now bigger and bolder projects await.

Visioning the Outdoors Film Comp 2016

Best Film

Scratch the Surface by Diana Doreian & Stephanie McIntyre
QLD has so many opportunities for discovery where you cannot always see them. The Ocean, and the Freshwater areas teem with life and possibilities for education and allowing recreational pastimes to flourish.
Primarily divers and swimmers, these water babies find a new discovery on every excursion they embark upon.

Youth Film

Unplugged by Amber Grant
I challenged myself and three of my closest friends to spend 48 hours alone together in a remote and out of range site – Booloomba Creek. Our solo adventure was monitored and checked on from a distance by a parent who camped in a nearby campsite.

People’s Choice – Best Film

Unplugged by Amber Grant
I challenged myself and three of my closest friends to spend 48 hours alone together in a remote and out of range site – Booloomba Creek. Our solo adventure was monitored and checked on from a distance by a parent who camped in a nearby campsite.

Visioning the Outdoors Film Comp 2015

Open Film – Joint Winners

Trial and Error by By Lachlan Ryan & Janine Jungfels
The sport of trials riding isn’t an easy one; it takes hard work and commitment, not to mention a large amount of skill. Janine will take you on a journey and show you how trials riding allows her to explore and enjoy the outdoors and spectacular locations that Queensland has to offer.

Pages Pinnacle by Nathan McNeill
This clip showcases rock climbing at Pages Pinnacle in South East Queensland, Australia. Pages Pinnacle is perched at the back of the iconic Hinze Dam on the Gold Coast, which provides a beautiful backdrop for the upper cliffs. I hope you find yourself daydreaming about or planning your next outdoor adventure after watching 🙂

Go to for info from Seqwater about Pages Pinnacle

Second Place

My Ode to Summer by Hannah Depper
My Ode to Summer – the time for living outside & enjoying what the outdoors has to offer.

Special Mention

Evolution of the Trials Rider by Barry Morris
Trials riding is an environmentally friendly form of riding that emphasises skill and balance in difficult terrain. Despite being a very safe family-friendly sport, very few people are aware of it so our trials club based in Esk decided to make this short film to encourage others to give it a try.

Youth Film – Joint Winners

Evolve by Emmet Ford
This is a short film I took at the Bunya mountains showcasing the beautiful landscape and bushland.

Coomba to Coast By Campbell Depper
My outdoor adventures during the 2015 school holidays! Its certainly amazing how these hidden gems of awe and excitement are just in our very own backyard, all we have to do is experience the great outdoors for our selves.

Visioning the Outdoors Film Comp 2013

PCYC Outdoor Organisations

By Dean Herring and Kathryn Faulkner of Kokoda Challenge Australia, for their film Kokoda Challenge

SEQ Catchments Youth Category

By Bryn Lloyd from Cooroy, Sunshine Coast, for his film The Journey

QORF Open Category

By Mark Kingston from Tarragindi, with his film Intangible Headspace

QORF Mobile Minute

By Dermott McNamara from Arana Hills, Brisbane, for his film Outdoory Afternoon

QORF Mobile Minute

By James Ray from the Sunshine Coast, with over 500 votes for his film Riding Sunshine


Visioning the Outdoors Film Comp 2012

3 Minute Open

By Ray Devine of Cedar Creek for his film The Connect Program

3 Minute Youth

By Amber Grant from Buderim for her film Bella the Super Dog

SEQ Catchments Mobile Minute

By Ugo Capozzoli for his film Kangaroo Point Spaceline

People’s Choice

Mobile Minute of the Outdoors by the Maria Auditore, Karen Kempster, Reigan Griffiths and Karly Radford.