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Winners 2018

As the quality of the entries was, for the most part, quite exceptional, the judging was therefore quite challenging. While the entries below  were selected as the winners, almost all the entries were outstanding in some way and many will go on to feature on the QORF website and in social media from time to time to help us promote the outdoors and outdoor activity in Queensland.

Best Photo

Mt Kaputar Sunrise by Steffen Bollmann

To live life outdoors ...

My wife and I enjoying the sunrise at Mount Kaputar on our last day after a week of climbing there with the Brisbane Rockclimbing Club. Kaputar National Park is a truly stunning place, so much rock and spectacular landscapes wherever you go! 
Steffen Bollmann

A beautiful moment at a stunning location, captured with perfect lighting – I love it. To me this shot evokes so much that’s good about the enjoying outdoors.
Chris Bray, Photo Judge

Even if the outdoors is in NSW! (QORF)

Best Film

Queensland Adventure by John Hopper

To live life outdoors ...

To live life outdoors, it is only one step away as Queensland is full of adventure, ready to be explored. It can be local (Forest Lake), close by (Glass House Mountains) or distant (Gympie). Regardless, the adventure begins with that one step.

The majority of the film was shot at Glass House Mountains and features a couple of closeups of people including David Kells who organised the trip to go and explore the region. His passion for the outdoors is the reason this trip happened. The rest of the film consists of shots taken at Forest Lake and Gympie with the underlining message of this: to live life outdoors, the adventure begins with one step. For those who live in South-East Queensland or Australia for that matter, we are blessed to live in a place where the beauty of creation is at our doorstep. My Christian-faith drives my passion for the outdoors as I love to witness the beauty that comes from the Creator. Regardless of what you believe or what drives you, the adventure to live is only one step away; so go ahead and take it.
John Hopper

The Adventure Queensland film has some really unusual cinematography in it that I found quite artistic and really brought out the subject matter.
Toby Ryston-Pratt, Film Judge

Best Youth Photo

Mt Cootha Falls by Momo Frank

I love the great feeling of depth in this image as the viewers eyes are drawn past the young man and on into the depths of the wilderness below. Great shot!
Chris Bray, Photo Judge

Best Youth Film

Assignment by Jazz Heckeroth

... enjoying the outdoors ...

A quick glimpse into enjoying the outdoors in Australia. ‘Assignment’ was created as a school film project designed to advertise Australia, and naturally, my favourite part of Australia is the outdoors. The majority of the film was captured at Girraween National Park on a family holiday in which we did some rock climbing and hiking. Most of the people who appear in the film are family, including my mother, father, and older brother as well as a few ring ins. I’ve always been deeply interested in the outdoors as well as film making and to combine the two has been a fantastic experience and one that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve without the support of my family, friends, and film teacher.
Jazz Heckeroth

People’s Choice Photo

The Big Leap
by Edward Barford

In the Behana Gorge

The Big Leap was taken two years ago at Behana Gorge in the mountains near Cairns. It is significant to me because it actually represents a decision I was making at the time to leave the police academy and return to work in the outdoors. I was leaving the academy because although it promised consistent work and a life career, working in the outdoors has made me who i am and the time spent in places like Behana, gave me experiences you just can’t get in a normal nine to five workplace. The girl in the photo was one of two amazing Canadians I met while there that day, proving the outdoors brings everyone together.
Edward Barford

People’s Choice Film

Highline Spacenet Townsville
by Jarrah Brand-Adams

... betwixt canyon walls ...

We set up a spacenet for the first time with three slacklines anchored betwixt canyon walls near Paluma National Park north of Townsville. We assembled a great group of friends and adventure seekers together to make this project come to life. 30 hours or more to craft the net from rope and paracord, about 100kg of gear to lug precariously to site and four hours to set up on the day. Needless to say we all had a great time pushing our limits and having fun together.

Making these films is such a rewarding hobby for me, as it not only brings back memories of good times spent in beautiful places with great people, but it also serves as an easy reminder for when I become more forgetful as I age. Townsville and the surrounding areas are a dream for explorers and adventurous thrill seekers year round. Making these films helps to show a wider audience why we live here, and influence more visitors to experience the lesser known places.

Jarrah Brand-Adams


Outback by Edward Barford


Outback is from my home town of Roma. It shows the sheer variety of landscape the outdoors can provide, it was taken when I was out taking a drive one afternoon as the sun was going down. I often use the outdoors as nature therapy to help clear my mind and this day was one of those days and this one of those moments. The Outdoors is a powerful place.

If you don’t visit the outback when in Australia, have you really visited Australia??
Edward Barford

Best Climbing

Climbing Face by Adam Sebastian West

Words really can’t describe the feeling of climbing on rock. But in this photo, Jahmon’s face says it all!
This photo was taken on Mt Ngungun in the Glasshouse Mountains.
Adam Sebastian West

Highly Recommended

Photo (Chris Bray)
Mary River by Scout Hinchcliffe
Twinfalls Adventure by Daniel Godson
Purlingbrook Falls by Daniel Godson
Tail Lights by Georgina Pratten
Samford Singletrack by Ben Blanche
Climbing Face by Adam Sebastian West

Film (Toby Ryston-Pratt)
Highline Spacenet Townsville by Jarrah Brand-Adams