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People’s Choice Voting is now CLOSED

Winners will be announced on Friday July 19, 2019

She Made It by Sofia Fortunato
Glasshouse Vista by Daniel Godson
Baronia Banger by Daniel Godson
Flipping Out by Annette Kachel
Balancing Rock by Annette Kachel
A Perfect Storm by Daniel Godson
Straddie Super Splash by Annette Kachel
Foreshore Skimming by Annette Kachel
From Little Things Big Things Grow by Nicola Thomas
Cootharinga Vision by Jarrah Brand-Adams
Holding onto Life Outdoors by Alison Harris
Nt Ngungun Afternoon by Andrea Salus
The Hungry Caterpillar by Lydia Ellingsen
Water by Henry Friend
Light by Henry Friend
75th Birthday on Barney by Alison Harris
Flow State by Henry Friend
Noosa River by Ethan Tange
Everglades 2 by Kara Hartwig
Everglades 1 by Kara Hartwig