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Film Competition



Live Life Outdoors is a celebration of the power of outdoor recreation activities to enrich people’s lives. The film competition asks you to create a vision of outdoor activity and nature that is inspiring and creative; telling a story of life as it is lived outdoors.

Submissions may focus on one, or many, outdoor recreation pursuits and environments but the intention of submissions should be on inspiring others to be active outdoors.

Film submissions, in any genre, can be compositions of real life footage, movie montages, animations, and so on. Film makers may capture footage on land, water or in the air, in pristine untouched environments or local urban parks. Your activities may be adrenaline fuelled, or capture the serenity of nature; but all should help expand our understanding of the value of outdoor recreation in contemporary society.

Entry Categories

  • All films will entered in the QORF Best Film category.
  • All films submitted by a person aged 16 years and under are automatically entered in the Youth Best Film category. A film or image might win both the Open and the Youth categories.
  • All films will be entered in the People’s Choice competition – the winner being the film with the most votes from viewers, site visitors and the public.


The competition is free to enter and your films should mainly feature content from Queensland, Australia. The winning images will be used by QORF to highlight the benefits of outdoor recreation and the beauty of the outdoors in Queensland.

In addition, the activities filmed should:

  • be legal and abide by authorised uses of public land spaces;
  • be in keeping with ethical and moral standards (i.e. no nudity, violence, sex scenes or bad language).

Terms & Conditions

Competition Dates