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2018 Film Comp Entries


Diving the Seaway

By Diana Doreian

We are so privileged to have such a fantastic location close to a capital city, great for swimmers, snorkellers, surfers and scuba divers alike. Come and marvel at what you can see under the surface!

Outdoor Kids

By Barry Lyon

Kids having fun outdoors with a scattering of nature thrown in.

Brisbane Trail Marathon 2018

By Jess Vennells

This is a short 2-minute film highlighting the runner’s journey that took part in the Brisbane Trail Marathon & Half Marathon as they endure 42.2km of running through Gold Creek Reservoir, Brookfield.

Family Paddle on the Brisbane River

By Scott Bennie

Sons of Adventure explore their local waterways – Brisbane River, Ipswich. Starting at Colleges Crossing, and paddling to Joseph Brady Park, they see loads of fish, birdlife and wildlife. They finish their trip at dusk, and the river becomes a glowing canvas reflecting the gold and red palette of the setting sun. A perfect finish to a fun challenging adventure for the family.

New School in da Cave – Like a Bat Out of Hell

By Antoine Moussette & Adam Aitken

Follow Dan Gordon on his journey creating a new climb in the cave at Mt Coolum, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. From a blank canvas to climbing the line, learn what goes through the process of doing a first ascent. With his narration you can get a good feel of his motivations, how the environment inspires him, why this place is so special and the mental challenges a sport climber goes through.


By Jazz Heckeroth

A quick glimpse into enjoying the outdoors in Australia. “Assignment” is the result of being inspired to make a tourism advertisement at school.

Walking the Warrie Circuit

By Bernardos Sakenas & Glenn Bruce

Share an adventurous bush walk through the magnificent Springbrook National Park, along the fabulous Warrie Circuit. At 17km, it is a challenging walk, but the scenery is incredible. Captured by Drone, Go Pro and DSLR, these photographers get wet walking under waterfalls, along slippery fallen trees and beside incredible canyon cliffs.

Adventure Queensland

Shot & Edited by John Hopper

To live life outdoors, it is only one step away as Queensland is full of adventure, ready to be explored. It can be local (Forest Lake), close by (Glass House Mountains) or distant (Gympie). Regardless, the adventure begins with that one step.

Locations: Glasshouse Mountains, Garapine & Forest Lake
Music: TheFatRat- Fly Away (Copyright/Royalty Free)

Highline Spacenet Townsville

A film by Jarrah Brand-Adams

We set up a spacenet for the first time with three slacklines anchored betwixt canyon walls near Paluma National Park north of Townsville. We assembled a great group of friends and adventure seekers together to make this project come to life. 30 hours or more to craft the net from rope and paracord, about 100kg of gear to lug precariously to site and four hours to set up on the day. Needless to say we all had a great time pushing our limits and having fun together.

Experience the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

By Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Users Association and Element Video & Photo Productions
Promotes recreational outdoor activities on the greatest Queensland rail trail, shortly to be the longest rail trail in Australia.